This Revolutionary New Filter Makes Tap Water Taste Great AND Purifies It In Minutes

If you’re a bottled water drinker OR you simply don’t trust your tap water, this could change your life!

As a lifelong bottled water drinker, I HATE tap water.

For years, I had no idea why… I just knew it tasted “flat”. Mineral-y. Gross.

But recently, I discovered the reason tap water tastes so bad: Contamination.

Did you know that our water supply – even in the US – is filled with toxins like lead, mercury, pesticides, and all sorts of potentially dangerous bacteria and viruses?

Apparently, the standards for judging whether or not a chemical is harmful have not been updated since 1974… which means that nasty tasting tap water isn’t just unpleasant, it’s often unsafe.

Medical experts have been worried about it for years.

“Filtering your tap water is the first step to protecting your family from toxins on a daily basis, whether it’s for drinking, showering, or cooking,” said Amy Myers, MD, an Austin-based physician specializing in functional medicine.

And yet, nothing is changing. It often takes legal action for the government to do anything. Just take the recent lawsuit against Newark and New Jersey – the people had to sue the government before they agreed to update their water lines, which were heavily contaminated.

That’s why my wife and I switched to bottled water a long time ago. Not only is it safe, nothing beats the crisp, clear taste of bottled water. It’s refreshing and actually encourages us to drink enough water every day!

Before you ask: Yes, we did get one of those expensive filters for our home tap… and while it does improve the taste a little bit, it still doesn’t beat bottled. And as I learned, even the leading filter brand doesn’t filter out the contaminants nearly as well as you might think. So we went back to buying bottled water.

Sadly, our bottled water “addiction” has brought us a ton of problems…

First off, it’s expensive!

All those bottles add up… I recently estimated we spend about $2000 per year just on bottled water!

Not only that, those plastic bottles build up a TON of trash in your home. It’s inconvenient, looks horrible, and takes up space.

Even worse, most of that trash ends up in the ocean. As such, our need for water that’s actually drinkable has had a HUGE impact on our wallets… our environment… and our sanity!

So when my wife recently ordered tap water at a restaurant, I was beyond confused.

“You’re CHOOSING tap water?!” I asked. “We’re at a restaurant honey… they have San Pellegrino!”

Of course, this was the reaction she was hoping for… because she had something up her sleeve.

(Not literally… but when I tell you what it is, you’ll laugh – she really could have hidden it up her sleeve!)

As the waiter set down our glasses, she pulled a little white “pod” out of her pocket and dropped it in her glass.

“What the heck is that?!” I asked.

“It’s a new invention called GOPure Pod – it’s a little portable filter that makes tap water taste incredible. I tried it the other day and I like it better than bottled. Just wait and see for yourself!”

After a minute or two, she passed me her glass. I took one sip and… well, let’s just say I’ve NEVER been so excited (and surprised) by the taste of water before!!

We’ve been using GOPure Pod to transform our tap water into clean, delicious water for 6 months now… and we haven’t bought a bottle since!

Just like my wife claimed, this little pod works wonders on the taste and safety of tap water.

Of course, it does more than that. It’s actually designed to make ANY source of tap water, anywhere in the world, safe to drink…

That’s right – not only does it filter out the impurities that make tap water taste terrible, it also removes bacteria and other germs from the water, making it safer to drink.

The little pod is called GOPure Pod: a compact ceramic pod that can purify any source of tap water in the world in a matter of minutes.

Simply drop the capsule into your water – whether it’s in a bottle, glass, pitcher, whatever! – and it immediately starts purifying your water, making it actually pleasant to drink.

We even did a blind taste test, and GOPure Pod’s flavor BEAT our bottled water. It's amazing!

Why is GOPure Pod so great at making tap water taste better?

As it turns out, the filtering process GOPure Pod uses is what makes it so great at improving water’s taste.

GOPure Pod’s purification system removes the toxins that remain hidden in your regular tap water, including bacteria, metals, fluoride, lead, arsenic, chlorine, excess iron, and even dirt and grit.

Not only are these unsafe, they’re also contributing to the nasty, gunky flavor that often invades your water supply.

In fact, a single GOPure Pod removes 97% of chlorine, 99.7% of E. coli, and 99.3% of lead found in your water. Yes, chances are good that ALL those awful-tasting contaminants are in your drinking water right now – even if you’re in the US or another developed country!

With GoPure Pod, you know you’re always drinking safe, pure, and DELICIOUS water. And since it’s pocket-sized (I told you it could fit up her sleeve!) you can use it anywhere you want – at a restaurant, walking through a city park, or while you’re on vacation.

How does GOPure Pod work?

GOPure Pod works by acting as a magnet for toxins, dirt, and harmful metals in your water. It attracts them, then traps them in the pod – keeping you safe.

Using it is easy. Simply drop the pod into any container or device holding tap water, and it automatically starts purifying the water. In just two minutes, you have safe, clean drinking water – from any tap in the world!

How does it perform this magic?! Simple… each GOPure Pod pod is filled with diatomaceous earth – the same materials that have naturally purified water for over 20 million years.

The pod collects and holds all contaminants after each use, so there’s no need to clean or rinse it between uses. Simply drop it in your water bottle or glass of water to use it again over and over.

Even better, a single pod gives you 6 months' worth of delicious, crisp, and clean drinking water – over 264 gallons! Over time, that can spare the Earth up to 2,000 plastic water bottles… not to mention sparing your bank account from hundreds of wasted dollars.

Is GOPure Pod right for me?

These days, GOPure Pod is the only filtration device we trust to provide safe, delicious drinking water.

Since each GOPure Pod pod lasts for six months, my wife and I both carry one with us everywhere, including:

  • At the gym: I drop the GOPure Pod in my water bottle whenever I fill it up at the gym or while running at the track, so I always have safe drinking water for my workouts.
  • While on vacation: I keep my GOPure Pod with me so I can easily filter drinking water at the airport, in my hotel room, or at my Airbnb. When we went to Mexico this fall, we didn’t have to worry about accidentally drinking the water, because our GOPure Pods purified every glass we drank!
  • At the office: The drinking water at my office always had a funny taste – even worse than our tap at home. Now, I drop my GOPure Pod in each glass of water for a refreshing, crisp taste. (And guess what? You can also use your GOPure Pod in any coffee maker to improve the taste of your coffee!)
  • While visiting friends: I always carry my GOPure Pod with me when I visit friends – not only does it avoid the awkwardness of avoiding tap water, it’s a fun conversation starter that always impresses them!
  • At any restaurant or coffee shop: My GOPure Pod is so small and lightweight, it fits inside my pocket. I simply drop it in a glass of water or mug of coffee whenever I’m dining out.

Thanks to GOPure Pod, I’m never far from crisp, delicious water… it makes me feel so much better (not to mention safer)!

I never expected to find such a reliable way to make our drinking water better-tasting AND safe at the same time.

I’m relieved to have found GOPure Pod and refuse to drink tap water without it. Whether I’m jet-setting away to Mexico, working at my neighborhood coffee shop, or just enjoying a glass from my tap, I always carry my GOPure Pod with me.

It’s not just about the taste, either. You never know what kinds of harmful metals, toxins, and pollutants are hiding in your water. GOPure Pod gives you peace of mind about flavor AND health, all in one tiny reusable package. It’s incredible!


Thank you to everyone who responded to my story!! I’m so happy it’s helped so many others take action to start enjoying their tap water.

As a small thank-you to the overwhelming response, GOPure Pod is now offering a special discount to everyone who reads my story.

For a limited time, you can buy two GOPure Pods and get one ADDITIONAL GOPure Pod absolutely FREE!

That will provide you with safe, clean drinking water for 18 months! Or, you could keep one GOPure Pod at work, one at home, and one in your reusable water bottle, so you’ll never be at risk of drinking contaminated water.

Don’t wait another minute – order your GOPure Pod today!

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